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Hiking, Writing, and COVID-19

It’s been almost four months since my last post. Sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions. As part of my unplanned journey, I spent five weeks in Durham, NC. While it was a stressful time, there were good times too. Between appointments, we were able to hike every day but two during those weeks. Durham has some wonderful trails, but they aren’t mountain trails.

On the plus side, I was able to work in this lovely library every morning and evening and my writing prospered. I finally turned over Prized, Book 7 in the Farseen Chronicles series, to my first round of beta readers. Although it’s going to be late, it will be out this fall. It is the last full sized novel in the Farseen Chronicles. I have a collection of novellas and short stories from that world that I may publish, but no more full novels.

We returned home from Durham, and had a couple of of nice hiking weeks before COVID-19 began its descent into our daily lives. At first I watched with a bit of amusement as people went on a Toilet Paper hunt, amazed that of all the things to covet, TP topped the list. I would have expected canned goods and such to be the most sought after items. Sometimes it is hard to remember we are the dominant species on this rock we call earth.

My daughter and I (and, of course, the pup) are still getting out in the sunshine but only on short walks in the area, nothing over four miles. I miss the mountains, but have renewed my love of a stroll with the birds, deer, turtles, and flowers where we live.

Working on my current writing projects has kept me fairly organized, but I’ve found that not having my regular Tai Chi classes and other such appointments, leaves me wondering what day it is. I have even had to check my phone to be sure. (Not a sentence I ever expected to write.)

I’m in the process of finishing up final changes to The Caves of Kurazi (Finding Earth Book 3), with Book 4 still in draft mode. In addition, I’ve begun creation of a new series, the Veil of Thaum. At this point I’m creating art and mulling over multiple storylines. Should be interesting.

A Scheduled Life

I’ve always liked a good schedule.

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10 Things I Learned as an Indie Author

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The Little Ice Age

(A Farseen Chronicles short. No spoilers.) Continue reading “The Little Ice Age”

Valiant The Bold

A song of the Farseen Chronicles. There are no plot spoilers in this story.

Valiant, Tempe’s brother, has been dead a long time. This is a song sung by the fae bards of a dragon made sword he received around the age of twenty. Dragons have the strongest magic of all creatures in the Farseen and anything they make shares at least some of that magic.

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Mystery of the Purloined Pies

There are no plot spoilers in this Farseen Chronicles Flash Fiction.


Lucas stood in the middle of the kitchen with his hands on his hips and glared at the crime scene. The pie pans that had housed three perfectly baked desserts contained nothing but crumbs. He looked to the left into the sunroom where the guys played Pirates of Catan. He wouldn’t put it past his friends to invade the kitchen during his punishment.

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This flash fiction is a peek into Clarity’s thought processes. It takes place in the Farseen Chronicles world nearly seven thousand years ago, and describes events when Clarity, Saffron and Fauna come into their majority, meaning they entered their childbearing years.

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Publishing is Easy, Marketing is Hard

I just published my fourth novel, an achievement that is equal parts joy and doubt. Joy that I’ve grown as a writer with each book and made some wonderful friends along the way. Doubt that I’m not marketing the books very hard.

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A New Farseen Chronicles Novel

Revealed, book 4 in the Farseen Chronicles series, will be available to purchase at on 9/20/2016.

revealedcvr20160908-copy Continue reading “A New Farseen Chronicles Novel”

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