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Farseen Chronicles

Information on the world of the Farseen and the Seen

Red, the Wolf, and the Huntsman

This flash fiction takes place in the Fifth Century. There are no Farseen Chronicles plot spoilers in this story.


“Come, the woods await.” Wisdom twirled in her red cloak, laughing.

Pleasance looked up from her sewing, “I promised Father I would mend this before he returns.”

“‘Tis a wonderful full moon you’ll be missing.”

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Here There Be Dragons

Spoiler Alert. This flash fiction takes place after Betrayed (Farseen Chronicles Book 3), and before Revealed (Farseen Chronicles Book 4).


“Do you think we’ll shift?” Delton asked.

Breton stretched his neck but didn’t open his eyes, “We’re suppose to be meditating. It helps control the shift.”

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Fantasy Art, Book Covers, and Me

When I decided to publish my first fantasy series, I looked at the options and opted to do my own book covers. Why? Three reasons: Continue reading “Fantasy Art, Book Covers, and Me”

Poem of the Lesser Fae

Spoiler Alert. This conversation takes place after Deceived (Farseen Chronicles Book 1) and before Enthralled (Farseen Chronicles Book 2). This is background on some of the lesser fae.


Sage sat in the sunroom watching Ryan and Tempe exercise their magic. Now that his new  powers had manifested Tempe had really upped his training schedule while Sage sat on the sidelines, again. This time it was because of the birthing bond. Holding a birthing bond never kept her sisters from honing their skills, but because she was young, it had been decided – for her – that she would focus only on the bond and shielding the house, if Tempe gave her that order. Seriously, she was sixteen and old enough to be holding a birthing bond. A little faith from her family would be nice.

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Better An Angry Gorkong than a Sleeping Werewolf

In the Farseen Chronicles series, the fae bards sing songs of deeds, both heroic and foolish. This is one such song and contains no spoilers. It is the story of Tempest’s first kill, when she was around ten years old. When she was a child the world was a very dangerous place and everyone learned how to defend themselves early… or they died.

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Betrayed, Farseen Chronicles Book 3, Published


The third installment of the Farseen Chronicles is available in digital form at The paperback version is being processed now.

Tempe and friends search for the Shadowed throughout the Farseen and the Seen, in an effort to eliminate the Shadowed threat. The threat is much closer to home than they think.

Ryan, Star, and Sage continue to master their gifts and a fae relative brings news that will forever change the Farseen.

 Link to purchase the book.

I enjoyed the journey this book took me on. I hope you do as well.



Merfolk History

This flash fiction takes place toward the end of Enthralled (Farseen Chronicles Book 2).


“Why do some of your merfolk have legs? And why do some of those with legs have fins and others have toes?” Seven-year-old Mia looked up in surprise. She was paging through Star’s sketchbook. She loved looking at all the creatures from the Farseen. One day she would go there. She would be a great explorer and have wonderful adventures and perhaps Fae bards would write songs about her.

“You don’t know about river merfolk and sea merfolk?” Star asked in surprise.

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Blessing in Disguise

Spoiler Alert. This flash fiction takes place in the first half of Enthralled (Farseen Chronicles Book 2).


Star looked through her folder of documents needed in the Seen. It looked a lot like a similar folder she had in the Farseen. Beings of so-called higher intelligence always had paperwork.

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Childhood Friends

Spoiler Alert. This Farseen Chronicles flash fiction takes place when Tempest was still living in the Farseen with Ridge, and Saffron was a child not yet in her teens. There are no plot spoilers in this story.


MerNymphTwins20150823Tehuti and Kailani huddled in the relative safety of the Kaveri River near the royal residence of Lord Ellwood. His realm was the only one where those who were different could live in peace… if they could garner the good will of one of his half-breed daughters. With their patronage, safety was assured.

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