N. R. Tucker

The Worlds of My Mind

Not so Dead

Two young women smiled when Veto walked by. Continue reading “Not so Dead”


Crowder Mountain

My first trip to Crowder Mountain State Park in North Carolina was on a Wednesday morning for a half-day hike. Continue reading “Crowder Mountain”

Unlikely Hero

“Connor beat back the werewolves? Continue reading “Unlikely Hero”

Not My Normal Hike

Normally, when I hike, I’m on a mountain trail or in the deep woods. Continue reading “Not My Normal Hike”

NoPE Bar

Moss Man entered NoPE Bar and joined his friends. Continue reading “NoPE Bar”

Coffee With a Splash of Vengeance

Sally looked up when the door opened. The smell of cologne compelled her. Continue reading “Coffee With a Splash of Vengeance”


“I wish Dillon would notice me,” Angie whispered. Continue reading “Wishes”

Death at a Picnic

Allen peeked over the hedge and surveyed the picnickers. Continue reading “Death at a Picnic”

Blessings Upon You

Delia left class and trudged home. Continue reading “Blessings Upon You”

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