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Currituck Banks Reserve

What a great find. Continue reading “Currituck Banks Reserve”


3 Reasons Winter Hikes Are the Best

Hiking in the southeastern United States (where I live now) is nothing like hiking in the Colorado Rockies (where I used to live). Continue reading “3 Reasons Winter Hikes Are the Best”

10 Things I Learned as an Indie Author

Why listen to me? I’m a living, breathing, indie author. Continue reading “10 Things I Learned as an Indie Author”

Christmas In Italy

We lived in a small village outside of Verona, Italy for three years. Continue reading “Christmas In Italy”

3 Backups Are Not Enough

I know what you’re thinking. Continue reading “3 Backups Are Not Enough”

Stone Mountain Loop

The 4.5-mile Stone Mountain Loop in Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina, is a hike of changes. Continue reading “Stone Mountain Loop”

Sun Flames

“Don’t do it,” Dragon, my familiar, hissed. Continue reading “Sun Flames”

Sisters Three

I have never understood why I was condemned for centuries. Continue reading “Sisters Three”


At 0433 I am awakened by a cold nose and heavy breathing. Continue reading “Thunderstorm”

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