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Destined, Farseen Chronicles Book 5 Is Available

Sage is an adult in the eyes of the shifter community, ranked as a senior member of the Alpha Clan, and a warrior trained by the shifter assassin. Unfortunately, all anyone sees is a girl who hasn’t yet to see twenty years.

As the dual full moons continue to cause havoc in two dimensions, a new danger targets Tempest, the shifter assassin. With the assassin unable to fight, Sage must step up and become the warrior she trained to be, no matter what her overprotective family thinks.

While Sage struggles to fulfill her destiny, Star visits her grandfather in the Northern Realm to comply with an accord that will keep the peace between fae and shifters. Raised in the Central Realm, Star has no trouble navigating daily life in a realm court, until the court learns a truth Star had hoped to keep hidden.

Can these young women honor destiny and stay true to themselves? And can they do so without starting a preternatural war?


Link to all Farseen Chronicles Books and Stories.


Solitude from Ashes

(Spoiler Alert. This Farseen Chronicles flash fiction takes place during the time frame of the first half of Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4.)

Continue reading “Solitude from Ashes”


It might rain, but then again, it might not. Continue reading “Meandering”

The Companion

“You excited?” Continue reading “The Companion”

Farseen Chronicles

I’m thrilled to present the updated and redesigned book covers for my Farseen Chronicles series. In honor of the redesign, the Amazon Kindle version of Deceived (the 1st book in the series) will be available for FREE from Saturday, 2/10/2018, through Wednesday, 2/14/2018. Click HERE to link to the digital copy.

The Hobman

The knock at the door surprised me. Continue reading “The Hobman”

Sacrifice the Knight

Sargent Patterson digitally documented the scene. Continue reading “Sacrifice the Knight”

Rain Hike




Valla trudged through the forest. Continue reading “Banshee”

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