The books do not need to be read in  chronological order. The flash fiction posted on this website identify if the story contains spoilers to the book series.

Chronological Reading Order for all published Farseen Chronicles stories.

  1. Valiant The Bold – poem/song, READ NOW
  2. Better An Angry Gorkong Than a Sleeping Werewolf – flash fiction, READ NOW
  3. Childhood Friends – flash fiction, READ NOW
  4. Feared – flash fiction, READ NOW
  5. Red, the Wolf, and the Huntsman – flash fiction, READ NOW
  6. Consequences – flash fiction, READ NOW
  7. Deceived – Book 1, PURCHASE
  8. Giants  – flash fiction, READ NOW
  9. By Any Other Name – flash fiction, READ NOW
  10. Poem of the Lesser Fae – flash fiction, READ NOW
  11. Embarrassed – flash fiction, READ NOW
  12. Enthralled – Book 2, PURCHASE 
  13. Blessing in Disguise – flash fiction,  READ NOW
  14. Merfolk History, READ NOW
  15. Betrayed, Book 3, PURCHASE
  16. Here There Be Dragons – flash fiction, READ NOW
  17. Revealed, Book 4, PURCHASE
  18. Dave’s Rescue – excerpt from Revealed, READ NOW
  19. Mystery of the Purloined Pies – flash fiction, READ NOW