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Lessons learned driving down the publishing highways and backroads.

Publishing is Easy, Marketing is Hard

I just published my fourth novel, an achievement that is equal parts joy and doubt. Joy that I’ve grown as a writer with each book and made some wonderful friends along the way. Doubt that I’m not marketing the books very hard.

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Fantasy Art, Book Covers, and Me

When I decided to publish my first fantasy series, I looked at the options and opted to do my own book covers. Why? Three reasons: Continue reading “Fantasy Art, Book Covers, and Me”

Playing Publishing Catch Up

The digital copy of Deceived has been available for three months.

Good news:  Sales IMG_0725are higher than I expected with the limited (word of mouth) marketing I’ve done.

Bad news:  I’m a bit behind on publishing a print copy.

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This Fantasy Writer’s Habitat

“What works for thee won’t work for me.” is a saying used by my characters when learning to use magic.  Each person must find what works for them.  The same is true for writing.  Some people write in parks, libraries, restaurants, wherever.

Not notebook-405755__180me.

I can do minor clean up work in public, and the distractions are amusing, not irritating.  Art projects and research are possible in the family room, hanging out with the family.

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Reflections on Publishing My First Novel

Publishing a novel has been a dream come true for me; however, there have been lessons learned in the process.  This is not a one-stop-shop.  I’m simply noting a few things I’ve learned publishing my first novel, things I haven’t already mentioned.

Make use of Beta Readers.  This I did, but simply called them willing readers.  Who knew they had a real job title?  I made a choice to break down my “betas” into the following categories:
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The Path to Book Cover Art Is Paved With Errors

In the past I’ve posted general hints and tips as I self-publish for the first time. I thought it was time to show some of the epic fails.  This slide show contains examples of a few versions of my cover art to show the progression from initial thought to final product for the book cover.

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Bucket List – Check Another Item Off the List

DRavenTempeBk1CvrOn 1/5/2015 my first full sized novel became available to purchase as a digital book.  It’s a full novel under my name.  There’s something empowering about a dream realized.

It’s also a little scary.  This isn’t a short story published with other hopefuls.  This is a novel with just my name on the cover.  Love it or hate it, it’s all me.

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When last I blogged I was bemoaning the fact that my versioning got out of sync due to my dependence on technology.  I completed the compare of the various versions of the book and am now reading through Deceived again.  I have been working on the maps of the world I’ve created and on the cover art for the first book.

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Sometimes Technology Ain’t Grand

Just as I was thinking that I had a handle on publishing I found myself in an interesting pickle. A couple of months ago I had serious Windows 8.1 upgrade issues.  The result:  my Surface Pro and my laptop got out of sync and I didn’t realize I wasn’t access the same version of the document on both machines..  Needless to say not all of my changes have been made to the copy of the book I thought was almost ready.  ARGGGGGGG!

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