I just published my fourth novel, an achievement that is equal parts joy and doubt. Joy that I’ve grown as a writer with each book and made some wonderful friends along the way. Doubt that I’m not marketing the books very hard.

The issue comes down to why I write. I write because I love it. I enjoy thinking up story ideas, creating worlds, researching all types of supporting data for the book, and of course, the writing itself. For me, the process is fun… until it’s time to market a book.

The process to publish and copyright a self-published novel is fairly simple. KDP makes the process easy for digital and Create Space is equally easy for creating a print copy. Converting text for both formats takes a little time but now I have a process in place so I can publish the digital copy, submit the copyright, and submit the paper copy for review in under 4 hours. This time line does not include the time I spend creating my cover art. I do that when I need a break from proofing the novel.

Marketing is an area I have ignored for the most part. I’ve followed a few suggestions, with mixed results but I I don’t push my books very hard. As a result, I sell enough books to equal the cost of writing (paper copy for beta readers, ink, binders, etc.) and perhaps a dinner out or two, but not much more. And I’ve decided that’s okay. I write fantasy and science fiction for the fun of writing and that’s enough for me.

revealedcvr20160908-copyFarseen Chronicles Book 4, Revealed, is available at Amazon for $2.99 in digital form. The paperback will be out in a few weeks. Synopsis:

Tempest, the shifter sovereign’s enforcer, rarely meets an opponent she can’t subdue, but natural phenomenon bows to no one. Not even a shape shifter/fae half-breed with centuries of experience as a warrior.

When a dimensional convergence lines up the full moon of earth with the full moons in the Farseen, spontaneous openings between the two dimensions create havoc. Mythical creatures from another dimension walk the earth and humans enter the land of the fae. A few humans embrace preternaturals, but most simply want the problem to leave their world. But shape shifters, wizards, witches, and vampires are creatures of earth. It’s their home, too.

While her eldest sister once again leads the charge to keep everyone safe, Sage, eighteen and the newest ranked member of the shifter sovereign’s ruling clan, must embrace her new status and prove herself to the shifter community, her family, and herself.

Can the sisters work together to protect both dimensions and keep the peace? Or will war break out when humans discover they aren’t the apex predators on earth?