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Here you will find additional information on the Farseen Chronicles and Finding Earth series, including flash fiction. Published books by N. R. Tucker are AVAILABLE HERE.

Farseen Chronicles is an urban fantasy series that follows preternatural beings who hide in plain sight in the human world.  A world where magic is real and kept hidden from humans.  A world where travel between dimensions is possible… if you have the power.  A world filled with shape shifters, witches, wizards, fae, vampires and other presumed mythical creatures. Check out the Farseen Chronicles menu and you will find a CHARACTER LISTGLOSSARY, READING ORDER, and MAPS OF THE FARSEEN CHRONICLES.

Finding Earth is a science fiction series geared toward young adults. Set in a future where earth’s resources are depleted and the planet is dying, twenty-five population ships carried their passengers and crew into space with the hope of finding new worlds to settle. Each book in the series tells the story of one ship. Check out the Finding Earth menu for MAPS and READING ORDER for this series.

Included under FLASH FICTION you will find short fiction stories.  Not all stories will be related to the Farseen Chronicles or Finding Earth series.  Some are small windows into other worlds.

Welcome to the Worlds of My Mind.  We’ve been waiting for you.