Finding Earth is a science fiction series, set throughout the stars.

With earth’s resources depleted and the planet dying, the world leaders built twenty-five transport ships capable of space travel. The ships were population ships and carried 5,000 people per ship into space with the hope of finding a healthy planet to populate.  Perhaps one day children of the initial travelers will find each other, but until then, there are worlds to populate, and adventures to be had.

This series will chronicle the journeys of select ships as they travel into the unknown and away from their dying world.

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PURCHASE HERE. At landfall, humans find a pristine world, where food and water are plentiful. Determined to treat Cetus better than Old Earth, they live off the land and barter for goods and services, using runners to carry between the five settlements.

When runners and other teenagers develop unusual abilities, they’re confined for study. As more and more present with powers, the teenagers call themselves drifters and work to hone their skills. When one of their own goes missing, the drifters search for their missing friend, only to discover there’s a lot about their new world the humans don’t know.

As humans learn more about the world they settled, how will adults accept the changes in the next generation? Can the drifters control their powers and use them to prevent a war? Or will they be the cause of a war?