The Farseen Chronicles is an urban fantasy series set in the southeastern United States.

Shape shifters, witches, wizards, fae, and vampires have lived alongside humans since the beginning of time and excel at blending in. Those who fail to blend in and master their magic, die.

Books in Sequential Order

Published January, 2015


Tempest rejected her fae heritage and swore an oath to the shape shifter sovereign. She is the sovereign’s second, an enforcer and keeper of the preternatural peace. An assassin when required.

After a disheartening mission, Tempest is assigned a birthing bond with a shifter clan in the Smoky Mountains. Expecting to relax and regroup, she settles in for a few months of down time, only to have angry fae confront the clan.

Tempest lacks diplomatic skills. She excels with weapons, not words, but when shifters are in danger she has no choice.  She heads to the Farseen for a visit with her father.

To have any hope of defeating the evil facing all preternaturals, the shifters, wizards and vampires join the fae in the Farseen.  Let the fighting begin.

Published October 2015


Tempe moved to Tennessee and settled into her life with Bryce. She still serves as the sovereign’s enforcer and oversees training for the next generation of alpha shifters. At least that’s the plan. The universe continues to throw obstacles in the way of her happily ever after.

Vampire power plays and a werewolf roaming free in the Seen, mark the beginning of change. Siri joins Tempe as they deal with more than one vampire threat. Just to add to the fun, a fae fighting force arrives at Eli’s to stake a claim.

Star reaches her majority and comes to visit Eli’s clan, bringing with her some surprising news. Ryan also reaches his majority and his clan rank becomes big news in the preternatural world. Both must learn to control the power they now wield.

Published May 2016


Tempe joins a preternatural task force searching for Shadowed facilities throughout earth and the five realms of the Farseen. With little to show for their efforts, tension builds within the preternatural community. Can the Shadowed be stopped before preternatural alliances are destroyed?

Young love, weddings, and break ups, add to the normality of daily life, until an unexpected birthing explosion hits the shifter community. Just as life starts to calm down, a member of Tempe’s fae family arrives in Eli’s territory seeking help from the shifters.

Published 9/20/2016


Tempest, the shifter sovereign’s enforcer, rarely meets an opponent she can’t subdue, but natural phenomenon bow to no one. Not even a shape shifter/fae half-breed with centuries of experience as a warrior.

When a dimensional convergence lines up the full moon of earth with the full moons in the Farseen, spontaneous openings between the two dimensions create havoc. Mythical creatures from another dimension walk the earth and humans enter the land of the fae. A few humans embrace preternaturals, but most simply want the problem to leave their world. But shape shifters, wizards, witches, and vampires are creatures of earth. It’s their home, too.

While her eldest sister once again leads the charge to keep everyone safe, Sage, eighteen and the newest ranked member of the shifter sovereign’s ruling clan, must embrace her new status and prove herself to the shifter community, her family, and herself.

Can the sisters work together to protect both dimensions and keep the peace? Or will war break out when humans discover they aren’t the apex predators on earth?


Scheduled Release Date September 2017

Look for Destined in the fall of 2017.

Sage is an adult in the eyes of the shifter community, ranked as a senior member of the Alpha Clan, and a warrior trained by the shifter assassin. Unfortunately, all anyone sees is a nineteen-year-old.

As the dual full moons continue to cause havoc in two dimensions, a new danger targets Tempest, the shifter assassin. With Tempe unable to fight, Sage must step up and become the warrior she trained to be, no matter what her overprotective family thinks.

While Sage struggles to fulfill her destiny, Star visits her grandfather in the Northern Realm to comply with an accord that keeps the peace between the fae and the shifters. Raised in the Central Realm, Star has no trouble navigating daily life in a realm court, until her circumstances change.

Can these young women honor destiny and stay true to themselves? And can they do so without starting a preternatural war?

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Scheduled Release Date Fall 2018

Working Title. Scheduled for Fall 2018 release.

Ryan, the strongest male alpha shifter in over three thousand years, might feel confident in his position as third in the Alpha Clan, if only everyone would stop comparing him to the uncle who died so long ago. To pay a debt and protect a human scientist in his charge, he accepts a quest for a dragon supreme matriarch. Tempe’s no help. She can never be allowed to touch the object he is searching for. Ryan must negotiate the politics of the Farseen alone.