As a child I spent countless hours creating worlds and characters for short stories I wrote to pass the time in the hot summers of the southeastern United States.

As an adult, I created worlds and wrote in my spare time, to relax after the day job and family were taken care.  Not a lot of spare time, but eventually the kids grew up and my schedule relaxed.  I’m now able to devote real time to writing.

One day, as I listened to music, a new world presented itself.  This was not one of the high tech science fiction worlds I knew so well. The Farseen Chronicles is a hidden world within the one we currently live in.  I shocked myself by writing a short story (which is all I had ever written) that grew into a novel.  I have two published series, Farseen Chronicles which is a completed series and Finding Earth, a series set on different worlds throughout the stars. I also write flash fiction.

When I’m not  writing, I enjoy hiking and spending time with the most patient husband on the planet and our dogs.