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Flash Fiction

Stories (1,000 words or less) written by N. R. Tucker. Some are set in the worlds of the various book series. Plot spoilers will be identified.

Cambree’s Rescue

“Nice view,” Uriel said. His arm muscles flexed when his elbows rested on the high window sill.

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Kidnapped in the Farseen

Excerpt from Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4

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The Little Ice Age

(A Farseen Chronicles short. No spoilers.) Continue reading “The Little Ice Age”

The Wish

What a day. Continue reading “The Wish”


“Bedtime,” Jenny’s mom called down the massive hall.

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Lost Body

“Are you serious?” Linus glared up at his brother.

“Yes.” Ajax drew out the word as he looked into the pit. “Who would lie about that?”

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Black Coffee

“No time.” Jimmy Wraith had no expectation of being listened to.

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Lost in the Woods

(Flash Fiction. Takes place ten years before the events in Drifters Rising.) Continue reading “Lost in the Woods”

1st Solo Run

(Flash fiction set around 100 years before the events in Drifters Rising.)

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