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When last I blogged I was bemoaning the fact that my versioning got out of sync due to my dependence on technology.  I completed the compare of the various versions of the book and am now reading through Deceived again.  I have been working on the maps of the world I’ve created and on the cover art for the first book.

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Sometimes Technology Ain’t Grand

Just as I was thinking that I had a handle on publishing I found myself in an interesting pickle. A couple of months ago I had serious Windows 8.1 upgrade issues.  The result:  my Surface Pro and my laptop got out of sync and I didn’t realize I wasn’t access the same version of the document on both machines..  Needless to say not all of my changes have been made to the copy of the book I thought was almost ready.  ARGGGGGGG!

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My Arrival on the Blog Scene

As a child I spent countless hours creating worlds and characters for short stories that I wrote to pass the time in the hot southern summers.  I never had the guts to share those stories except for the occasional school project.  As an adult I spent many years working in the IT field and flights of fantasy were few and far between; but I missed the characters and worlds I had created.

Time passed, my kids grew up… and I did too.  I decided to return to my fantasy worlds and try my hand at writing a full novel.  The world I always thought would make a good book refused to speak to me, almost as if I had grown up and could no longer hear its whispers.   Then a new world opened up. One my mind had never visited before.

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