As a child I spent countless hours creating worlds and characters for short stories that I wrote to pass the time in the hot southern summers.  I never had the guts to share those stories except for the occasional school project.  As an adult I spent many years working in the IT field and flights of fantasy were few and far between; but I missed the characters and worlds I had created.

Time passed, my kids grew up… and I did too.  I decided to return to my fantasy worlds and try my hand at writing a full novel.  The world I always thought would make a good book refused to speak to me, almost as if I had grown up and could no longer hear its whispers.   Then a new world opened up. One my mind had never visited before.

I loved the world and the characters and the first book practically wrote itself.  I completed the fifth book and was happy with my work, but still I didn’t share the stories with anyone.

Amazingly enough it was my daughter who motivated me. She is pursuing her love of art and that made me think about the worlds I had created but never shared.  Deep down I knew I didn’t want to end up on the front porch wondering what if in a few years.  I enjoy the IT field but I must admit that 2 AM pages to keep computer applications up and running does not qualify as ‘finding my bliss’.

I left my comfort zone and handed the first book, Deceived, to my husband.  He enjoyed it and provided some much needed input.  Then I asked my daughter and my mother-in-law to read Deceived.  My daughter, because she will do the cover art. My mother-in-law, because she was a librarian, has read books in all genres, and has a good understanding of what people read.  Her input has been valuable as she isn’t big into fiction or fantasy and her comments helped me address issues that I would never have considered.  She also identified areas where I needed to tighten up my book.

Now that the book has been reviewed and updated it’s time for me to dive into the process of publishing the first book.  I like organization and processes so I started researching. Everyone says new authors need blogs, websites, tweets, and on and on.  Not sure I will be able to bring myself to tweet, but then I remember saying I would never need a cell phone and now I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone.

This blog will be about my journey into the world of ePublishing.