When last I blogged I was bemoaning the fact that my versioning got out of sync due to my dependence on technology.  I completed the compare of the various versions of the book and am now reading through Deceived again.  I have been working on the maps of the world I’ve created and on the cover art for the first book.

Mostly I’ve been procrastinating.

The procrastination had nothing to do with writing (which is ongoing with the 6th book) and everything to do with publishing. The closer I get to publishing, the more real the process becomes. I find myself dragging my feet, working on tasks for the other books and doing everything possible to slow down the process.  I’ve ignored the tasks I need to complete to finish up the prep work and actually publish.

My solution: a timeline. I’m good at managing projects and keeping everyone on track. It’s time I turned those skills to my personal project: publishing my 1st book. A schedule might not mean much to some people but to me timetables are absolute, missing a due date is a personal failure.

So here’s to my organizational skills. They will get me over this procrastination hump.