“What works for thee won’t work for me.” is a saying used by my characters when learning to use magic.  Each person must find what works for them.  The same is true for writing.  Some people write in parks, libraries, restaurants, wherever.

Not notebook-405755__180me.

I can do minor clean up work in public, and the distractions are amusing, not irritating.  Art projects and research are possible in the family room, hanging out with the family.

But for writing, real writing, I need solitude.  If I’m the only one home, I can write on the deck next to the waterfall, or in the sunroom looking at the garden; but mostly I write in my office, with the door shut.

In the winter I can see the lake and the road from the office window.  In the summer I see nothing but trees.  Both are relaxing in their own way.

My office must be organized and tidy.  If not, I will have to clean up before I start writing, otherwise the mess is too distracting.  Likewise my laptop desktop must be be specifically organized.  When writing I have my word processing document open as well spreadsheets (yes plural) with notes I might need.  Word processing on the left, spreadsheets ohome-office-593381__180n the right.

Classical music, a large mug of water, perhaps a cup of tea and my imagination.    I’m ready to write.