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Education – If You Haven’t, You Should

No matter what you want to accomplish in life, educate yourself.  I’m not talking elementary education or college, although both are worthy – might I say needed – to accomplish many personal goals.  No, I’m talking about learning all you can when you try something new.

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Rosemary and Thyme

She had always been comfortable in the dark, had lived her life in the shadows. It was why they never saw her coming. Too bad her target didn’t believe in a low profile.

He moseyed down the street singing a silly pub song. He could have been a cause of fear; but he was slender and under six feet tall, and appeared to be a happy drunk. The few people he encountered at this late hour gave him plenty of room, but smiled at his grand gestures. All would remember him.

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“I am convinced that the act of thinking logically cannot possibly be natural to the human mind.  If it were, then mathematics would be everybody’s easiest course at school and our species would not have taken several millennia to figure out the scientific method.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

This Fantasy Writer’s Habitat

“What works for thee won’t work for me.” is a saying used by my characters when learning to use magic.  Each person must find what works for them.  The same is true for writing.  Some people write in parks, libraries, restaurants, wherever.

Not notebook-405755__180me.

I can do minor clean up work in public, and the distractions are amusing, not irritating.  Art projects and research are possible in the family room, hanging out with the family.

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Organic Food – My Other Hobby

I read a post last night titled A layman’s translation of food jargon…  It addressed some of the topics I rant and rave over with friends, but haven’t posted about, until now.

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The Path to Book Cover Art Is Paved With Errors

In the past I’ve posted general hints and tips as I self-publish for the first time. I thought it was time to show some of the epic fails.  This slide show contains examples of a few versions of my cover art to show the progression from initial thought to final product for the book cover.

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Titles and Taglines

Blogging 101’s second assignment is to change the title and tagline of my blog.  I decline since I’m please with both.  For anyone who knows me, the decline will be a surprise.  I was always ‘that kid’ in school.  The one who did assignments, listened to the teacher and never acted out.  I’m older now (a lot older) and occasionally march to my own drummer.

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Fear of the Publish Button

My blog started as a way to track my process toward publishing and perhaps sharing some of what I’ve learned with other self-publishing hopefuls.  Over the last few years I’ve written five novels and three short stories in the Farseen Chronicles.  I didn’t share this world with anyone until I watched my daughter start an art business.  Her faith and determination inspired me to share the world I created.  I didn’t want to wake up in ten years and wonder ‘What if…”.

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