Blogging 101’s second assignment is to change the title and tagline of my blog.  I decline since I’m please with both.  For anyone who knows me, the decline will be a surprise.  I was always ‘that kid’ in school.  The one who did assignments, listened to the teacher and never acted out.  I’m older now (a lot older) and occasionally march to my own drummer.

I chose the title – N. R. Tucker – to match the name I will use when I publish.  My goal: a sleek and professional appearance.  To me, any other title would detract from my objective.  I did consider a title that reflects the current book series, Farseen Chronicles; however, that world isn’t out there yet and I felt it would confuse, not enlighten.

The tagline “The Worlds of My Mind” reflects the multiple fantasy worlds I’ve created.  Although currently I’m focused on a single world, eventually I plan to include others.

So there you have it.  Assignment 2, check.