Excerpt from Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4.


Dave kept his breath shallow. Some mighty defender of truth he was. His father’s most trusted soldiers in the not quite defunct AIB had chased him into the alley. His dad wasn’t the most Internet savvy person on the planet but he managed to find the blog.  And the email he composed. Considering his high IQ, he shouldn’t have left the body of the email in an unencrypted document. daverjrtrapped20170117

He needed to work on his stealth, assuming he lived through this, which wasn’t a sure thing. Three massive and well-armed soldiers blocked his exit from this dead-end alley. Three!  Like one of them wouldn’t be enough to grab him. He didn’t even carry a pocketknife. The only tool he had was his pocket Leatherman, which he used for computer repairs. It had a knife but he had never used it. Oh wait; it sliced boxes open just fine. Obviously he was ready to battle a trio of trained soldiers with his trusty Leatherman.

He pulled the tool out of the leather case and opened the knife. Two smaller tools extended with it. So be it. He closed the handle leaving the smaller tools out as well and grimaced when it made a soft click. He looked at his weapon and tightened his grip. He touched the tip of the blade. Not overly sharp but better than nothing.

He peeked around the trash bin and eyed his three fully armed and trained opponents before looking back at his weapon. This was not his day.

“Come out, son,” the eldest of his pursuers called. “Your dad wants to talk to you. You need to understand the threat these aberrants epitomize.”

Epitomize, really? Guess the soldier had a word-of-the-day calendar. Dave gripped the handle of his two and a half inch blade a little tighter, leaned back against the building and tried to stop shaking.

The sound of three objects hitting the ground had him once again peeking around the trash bin at the unconscious soldiers. He looked up into the face of his rescuer and sighed. Rescued by a girl. How manly.

Tempe walked down the alley toward him. “Thanks for the email you sent. It saved the lives of my grandson and his family. I hear it caused you some family troubles though.”

Dressed mostly in black, her combat boots made no sound on the asphalt. How did she do that? He stood up to face his friend. “You heard right.”

She stopped and waited.

He looked down at where her eyes were focused. His face reddened, “Sorry. I forgot I was holding it.” He put the knife away quickly, cutting himself in the process. At least he confirmed it could cut flesh.

“Never forget when you have a weapon in your hand.” Tempe wrapped an arm around his shoulder and moved them toward the street and a waiting car. “Would you like to stay with us for a few days? We have humans, descendants and others who the hate groups have targeted, staying at our place where it’s safe. You can get your bearings and decide on your next move.”

Dave nodded his agreement and looked at the driver. Landon was a friend of sorts he met at college through Tempe. He should have realized.

“Hop in and let’s get going before the sleeping beauties wake up,” Landon grinned.

Dave shook his head, hopped over one of the downed men and crawled into the back seat.