Prized, the final full sized novel in the Farseen Chronicles series is available for purchase.

Drop into the world of Valiant and his sisters, Tempest and Temperance, as they learn to navigate in the world of the fae.

Valiant, the only son born to the Forest Lord of the Northern Realm and the Shifter Sovereign’s daughter, spent the early years of his life trying to fit in. He failed. Half fae and half shape shifter left Valiant adrift in both worlds. Nothing he did pleased his father and his mother saw him as a tool to be wielded for her plans.

Take a journey through Valiant’s life, from childhood to when he became Valiant the Bold, and watch as he becomes the assassin his father always wanted.

This final novel in the Farseen Chronicles world goes back in time to follow the offspring of Lord Ellwood and Lady Rayna in their early years living in the Northern Realm of the Farseen.