Revealed, book 4 in the Farseen Chronicles series, will be available to purchase at on 9/20/2016.

revealedcvr20160908-copyTempest, the shifter sovereign’s enforcer, rarely meets an opponent she can’t subdue, but natural phenomenon bow to no one. Not even a shape shifter/fae half-breed with centuries of experience as a warrior.

When a dimensional convergence lines up the full moon of earth with the full moons in the Farseen, spontaneous openings between the two dimensions create havoc. Mythical creatures from another dimension walk the earth and humans enter the land of the fae. A few humans embrace preternaturals, but most simply want the problem to leave their world. But shape shifters, wizards, witches, and vampires are creatures of earth. It’s their home, too.

While her eldest sister once again leads the charge to keep everyone safe, Sage, eighteen and the newest ranked member of the shifter shoe reign’s ruling clan, must embrace her new status and prove herself to the shifter community, her family, and herself.

Can the sisters work together to protect both dimensions and keep the peace? Or will war break out when humans discover they aren’t the apex predators on earth?