January 16: Today started out normally. My human rose before 5 am, fired me up, and typed. She normally writes science fiction and fantasy, but today she’s working on a children’s story for her writing group. Suddenly, I’m wet. No, not wet, soaked.

I don’t mean a couple of drops of water fell onto my screen and keyboard. I sat in my normal place on the desk and the water poured over me. What happened next is amazing. The desktop machine I share my human with told me she grabbed me and held me upside down so that the water could drain away. Desktop said it looked like a water fall. Then she dried me and lay me upside down on a towel with air blowing on me to dry me out as much as possible.

Hanging upside down after my human floods me with water

January 20: I was unconscious for a long time. When she fired up my processors four days had passed. My human writes everyday and she always writes on me. When she first bought the desktop I was afraid I would be replaced but she only uses him for graphic art. I’m totally cool with that. The graphics program was killing my processors. Seriously. No one has that much processing power. At least not someone as slim and portable as I am. Turns out Desktop is built for rendering and such. We make a good team, each doing our own job.

Another good thing about Desktop is that within our human’s firewall, when a document is saved on me, it automatically backs up to her cloud and a copy goes to Desktop. She also has an external drive for full backups once a week. If she’s writing a lot, she backs up to the external even more frequently. All that means she wouldn’t have lost any data had I not recovered from the flood, but she wouldn’t have me, and I know that would make her sad.

Dried out and back where I belong.

One odd thing happened today. Once my human checked me out and was happy with my performance, she loaded some very odd files onto me. She must have been using a Window’s machine while I was recovering. The horror! But everything is better now. The offending files were converted to proper formats and all’s right with my world.

It’s so nice to be back where I belong. Remember humans, electronics and water do not mix.