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The Key to Inspiration

Are you a writer? Are you waiting for inspiration to strike? If so, grab a chair and get comfortable. You have a long wait ahead of you.

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Inspiration is Hard Work

I outlined an entire novel once… that story remains unwritten to this day. Continue reading “Inspiration is Hard Work”

Diary of a Flooded Laptop

January 16: Today started out normally. My human rose before 5 am, fired me up, and typed. She normally writes science fiction and fantasy, but today she’s working on a children’s story for her writing group. Suddenly, I’m wet. No, not wet, soaked. Continue reading “Diary of a Flooded Laptop”

Crossing the 2016 Finish Line

December heralds the end of the year. Resolution list from last January in hand, I review my results. Each year I identify one area for improvement. For me, a single resolution, made with intent, beats a collection of promises I won’t keep.

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Fantasy Art, Book Covers, and Me

When I decided to publish my first fantasy series, I looked at the options and opted to do my own book covers. Why? Three reasons: Continue reading “Fantasy Art, Book Covers, and Me”

Roaming the Woods

Many writers (me included) eventually find our characters in the woods, usually running at top speed or lost off trail. In the southeastern USA, your character might be able to swing through the tree tops (using kudzu vines), but otherwise they would need to stay on trails to maintain a lope, trot, run, sprint, or canter. Heck, in many spots you would need a machete to amble away from the trail.

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Running Through the Woods?

The Trail

Today I was hiking in my own back yard on a trail that provides mileage without driving. It’s keeps me in shape for carrying the camera and backpack on mountain hikes. It’s also quiet, except for birds, and the rustling of leaves and grasses. It’s rare I meet more than 1-2 people on this trail. I find hiking rejuvenating for both my spirit and mind, so when I return to my office the writing flows a little better. Nothing beats a 3-mile hike to clear out the cobwebs.

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