I outlined an entire novel once… that story remains unwritten to this day. I discovered that if my outline is too detailed I’m no longer interested in the characters or the story. When I start a new novel, I create my world using a series of “What If…” questions. I further define my world by creating maps, naming creatures and plants. Finally, I identify my main plot points.  Then I start writing, knowing that each scene must move toward those plot points. Writing this way, I have yet to experience any type of writer’s block. Don’t get me wrong. Some days I spend more time on graphic art, marketing, or publishing tasks than I do writing, but on average I can write around 2,000 words between when I rise (around 5 am) and when I have breakfast. This is my most focused writing time.

This is the method that works for me. The funny thing is, every so often my characters go down a path I had not consciously considered. And when they do, it’s always a better story than I had planned. I know it’s my subconscious taking me where I need to go, but it’s still odd when it occurs. When it happens, I feel my characters laughing and dragging me down the road I had not planned to travel.

Sometimes it’s called muse or inspiration, but it’s really just hard work and focus.

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