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Haiku for Lost Photos

I’ve written about the 10,000 plus photos I lost when an app and two backup drives crashed at the same time. I’ve recovered some from various places, but still I feel the loss when a subject comes up and I realize I no longer have that pic. This evening I wrote a Haiku to my lost photos. Enjoy.

A Miserable Hike

Not words I ever thought I would type. Continue reading “A Miserable Hike”

Pilot Creek Trail

Located in Pilot Mountain State Park North Carolina, Pilot Creek Trail is an out and back  that travels adjacent to Pilot Mountain. Continue reading “Pilot Creek Trail”

Devil’s Den Nature Preserve, VA

A short hike in the woods (.43 miles one way) to a cave formation. Continue reading “Devil’s Den Nature Preserve, VA”

The Arches in July

Some hikes test your stamina, others test your ability to read maps. Continue reading “The Arches in July”


It might rain, but then again, it might not. Continue reading “Meandering”

Photos and High Sierra

Today I will depart from my normal hiking and writing posts. Today I want to rant (you’ve been warned) about digital photos. Continue reading “Photos and High Sierra”

Hike Where You Live

I hike frequently on trails on or near the northern section of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Continue reading “Hike Where You Live”

Mount Jefferson

Mount Jefferson State Park in North Carolina is west of the Blue Ridge Parkway near the city of West Jefferson. Continue reading “Mount Jefferson”

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