N. R. Tucker

The Worlds of My Mind



The Hobman

The knock at the door surprised me. Continue reading “The Hobman”


Valla trudged through the forest. Continue reading “Banshee”

Don’t Sleep

Reflexes honed by repetition, Sanction breathed normally when she woke. Continue reading “Don’t Sleep”

The Trunk

“You’re it!” Ethan jumped out of the bushes, slapped his sister lightly on the back, and ran away. Continue reading “The Trunk”

Cambree’s Rescue

“Nice view,” Uriel said. His arm muscles flexed when his elbows rested on the high window sill.

Continue reading “Cambree’s Rescue”

Kidnapped in the Farseen

Excerpt from Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4

Continue reading “Kidnapped in the Farseen”

The Little Ice Age

(A Farseen Chronicles short. No spoilers.) Continue reading “The Little Ice Age”

My Guardian Angel Drinks

(a Pindaric Ode) Continue reading “My Guardian Angel Drinks”

The Wish

What a day. Continue reading “The Wish”

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