Excerpt from Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4

The second time Landon regained consciousness he breathed in musty dirt from the floor. Remembering he had been kidnapped, he tried not to groan so his captors wouldn’t know he was awake. He groaned. Wondering why they didn’t return him to the bed, he listened for sounds, but all he heard was one person breathing. He opened his eyes a fraction and saw Joey had also been tossed on the floor, unconscious, and they were no longer in a proper room. They had been down graded to dungeon.

Deciding to be brave Landon opened his eyes all the way and rolled to one knee so he could stand. That’s when he realized his left arm hurt. Landon touched it and cursed. Yeah, it hurt a lot.

About that time, Joey moaned and woke up. He tried to sit up. Epic fail. His entire left side felt like it was going to explode.

“Don’t move. You’re leg looks wrong.” Using his good arm, Landon pulled a sturdy wooden crate over by Joey and sat down.

“Feels wrong too,” Joey sucked in air and tried to find a position that didn’t make his body throb. Nothing worked.

Landon continued to look at Joey’s leg. “We’re in a bona fide dungeon now. No windows, so we won’t be escaping that way again.”

“I’m not so sure you could call our hundred-yard-dash an escape. I didn’t think all fae flew, but they sure did. Any idea where we are?” Joey brushed away sweat even though the room was cool. The sweats were probably from the pain.

“No clue, but the dimensional gate at Beryl Lane goes to the Northern Realm wastelands. Maybe we’re there.”

“Seeing Lord Ellwood again was not on my bucket list.” Joey eyed Landon, whose eyes were glued to his hip. “What are you looking at?”

Landon didn’t look up. “Your leg’s sitting wrong.”

“Unless you have a medical degree you haven’t mentioned, you’re not a doctor.”

“Nope but I’m all you got,” Landon said. “I’ve never popped a leg back in the joint before.”

“No!  Look at your arm man. You’re in no shape to help me.”

“We need to fix our injuries before they heal wrong.” Landon’s voice was soft but firm.

The door opened and three of the scroll-tattooed fae entered the room, weapons drawn. A petite female nymph with delicate wings flew in behind them. “Father Aldous sent me to check your injuries. If you vow not to attack, I will do what I can for each of you.”

“We so vow,” Landon motioned toward Joey. “Him first.”

She didn’t move. “He made no vow.”

“I so vow,” Joey said. ‘Not sure what you think I could do right now anyway.”

“Indeed you are injured, but desperate men sometimes ignore pain,” she closed in on his right side.

“Not this pain we don’t,” Joey growled and then screamed like a little girl.

“Joey, it’s fine. She set your hip back in the joint. It looks a lot better now.” Landon breathed a sigh of relief.

Joey glared at Landon while the nymph handed over a bottle and eyedropper. “Six drops if he’s in a lot of pain. No more, no less. This will impact coordination so only use it if you must.”

Landon took the bottle with his good hand and placed it on the crate that now served double duty as a seat and a table. “Tha…. argh!”

The nymph released his arm and stepped back. “You’re bone has been set but the area still needs to heal. I will do no more for either of you, for I have never healed a shifter before.”

“Your efforts have pleased me this day,” Landon performed a half-bow, still shaky from the pain of her healing touch, but relieved the timing of her efforts kept him from thanking her. He wondered if she did it on purpose.

“Your efforts have pleased me as well,” Joey whispered. He didn’t think about trying to move or bow.

She curtsied and left the room with her three escorts.

Joey eyed the drops. “I think we need to not use those unless I start screaming.”

“Agreed,” Landon sat beside Joey and stretched out. “We should try to rest for the next part of this adventure.”

“Good plan.” Joey shut his eyes but he didn’t rest. He focused on breathing to push away the pain as Tempe had taught him. Another epic fail.

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