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Valla trudged through the forest. Continue reading “Banshee”

The Traveler

Dash woke as he always did. Fast. He jumped up into a fighting stance, but he was in no danger. Continue reading “The Traveler”

Warning Growl

I jogged down the dirt road between the tobacco fields toward the paved two-lane. Continue reading “Warning Growl”

Mugs and Skulls

“Here’s the problem. Ale is not served in the skulls of our enemies.” Continue reading “Mugs and Skulls”

You Never Know Where the Library Will Take You

Walking through the stacks in the history section of my college library, I happened upon a wall of old books surrounding a door with a small plaque that read Comprehension Corridor. Continue reading “You Never Know Where the Library Will Take You”

The Trunk

“You’re it!” Ethan jumped out of the bushes, slapped his sister lightly on the back, and ran away. Continue reading “The Trunk”

What Did You Do?

The potion was ready. Continue reading “What Did You Do?”

The IRS Shall Inherit the Galaxy

I moved silently down the  sterile hall, even though the sensor display listed me as the only conscious life form on the floor. Continue reading “The IRS Shall Inherit the Galaxy”

Cambree’s Rescue

“Nice view,” Uriel said. His arm muscles flexed when his elbows rested on the high window sill.

Continue reading “Cambree’s Rescue”

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