“I wish Dillon would notice me,” Angie whispered. She sipped her root beer and watched the boy she had crushed on all semester talk to his friends. She was a fool. Dillon was the iconic frat boy with money and looks. Everyone liked him. His friends included jocks, cheerleaders, sorority girls, and other frat boys. Angie was a full academic scholarship, with mousy brown hair and freckles. Keeping her grades up was her only way off the farm. She sighed and returned to her physics book.

“Man, I wish that chick would stop watching me. I swear, she follows me everywhere,” Dillon said.

“She doesn’t follow you, ego boy. She’s in half our classes. I wish she watched me like that. She’s acing every class, including physics which you said you had to pass to keep the money rolling,” Brock said.

“You gotta make the grade too, or lose your football scholarship,” Dillon muttered.

“You’re right I do.” Brock took his tray of food and moved over to Angie’s table. “Hey, sweetheart. Let’s talk physics.”

Angie eyed the quarterback with suspicion as he asked for help with physics.

Gene sat at the table between Angie and Dillon and grinned while he ate. He had just transferred to this school and promised himself that he would behave, but this trio was too tempting. Besides, this was gonna be fun. With a flick of his wrist, the freed genie gave each student their wish.

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