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National Whatever Day

While doing research for another book, I happened upon a list of holidays. Continue reading “National Whatever Day”

Score 1 for the Stump

It’s a small stump, but an important one. Continue reading “Score 1 for the Stump”

Ode to Vacation Writing

For once, my characters would not talk to me, so I wrote a poem instead.

Continue reading “Ode to Vacation Writing”

Sisters Three

I have never understood why I was condemned for centuries. Continue reading “Sisters Three”

A Miserable Hike

Not words I ever thought I would type. Continue reading “A Miserable Hike”

Not so Dead

Two young women smiled when Veto walked by. Continue reading “Not so Dead”

Unlikely Hero

“Connor beat back the werewolves? Continue reading “Unlikely Hero”

NoPE Bar

Moss Man entered NoPE Bar and joined his friends. Continue reading “NoPE Bar”

Coffee With a Splash of Vengeance

Sally looked up when the door opened. The smell of cologne compelled her. Continue reading “Coffee With a Splash of Vengeance”

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