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Cetus Crew Finds a Home

(Part 1 of 4. An introduction to Drifters Rising, the first novel in the Finding Earth series. Drifters Rising will be available to purchase on 5/2/2017.) Continue reading “Cetus Crew Finds a Home”

Soul Mate

The glare of the morning sun hit her face. Zurie groaned pulling her pillow over her head to hide from the day. With a gasp she sat up. Today was the day. The small tattoo that would define her life, would have appeared on her arm.

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Hide In Plain Sight

“Teacher’s pet.” “Know-it-all.” “Freak.”

Thou shalt not kill the fools. Mantra on permanent repeat in her head, Angie Daeva ignored her classmates and walked to her locker. Continue reading “Hide In Plain Sight”

Dave’s Rescue

Excerpt from Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4.


Dave kept his breath shallow. Some mighty defender of truth he was. His father’s most trusted soldiers in the not quite defunct AIB had chased him into the alley. His dad wasn’t the most Internet savvy person on the planet but he managed to find the blog.  And the email he composed. Considering his high IQ, he shouldn’t have left the body of the email in an unencrypted document.  Continue reading “Dave’s Rescue”

Mamaw’s Return

The bus pulled out, leaving Adam alone in the school yard. Zach’s Zombies waved and made faces out the back window. He would have been on time if Zach hadn’t hidden his clothes during gym.

“Hurry. Elaine needs you.”

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Mystery of the Purloined Pies

There are no plot spoilers in this Farseen Chronicles Flash Fiction.


Lucas stood in the middle of the kitchen with his hands on his hips and glared at the crime scene. The pie pans that had housed three perfectly baked desserts contained nothing but crumbs. He looked to the left into the sunroom where the guys played Pirates of Catan. He wouldn’t put it past his friends to invade the kitchen during his punishment.

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This flash fiction is a peek into Clarity’s thought processes. It takes place in the Farseen Chronicles world nearly seven thousand years ago, and describes events when Clarity, Saffron and Fauna come into their majority, meaning they entered their childbearing years.

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Red, the Wolf, and the Huntsman

This flash fiction takes place in the Fifth Century. There are no Farseen Chronicles plot spoilers in this story.


“Come, the woods await.” Wisdom twirled in her red cloak, laughing.

Pleasance looked up from her sewing, “I promised Father I would mend this before he returns.”

“‘Tis a wonderful full moon you’ll be missing.”

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Here There Be Dragons

Spoiler Alert. This flash fiction takes place after Betrayed (Farseen Chronicles Book 3), and before Revealed (Farseen Chronicles Book 4).


“Do you think we’ll shift?” Delton asked.

Breton stretched his neck but didn’t open his eyes, “We’re suppose to be meditating. It helps control the shift.”

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