Kelly Wilson entered history class to the sound of Charles Gounod’s Funeral March of a Marionette. She verified she was in history class and shrugged. She had bigger problems than weird background music.

The class laughed, and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro weaved through the room.

Mr. Allen didn’t look up but said, “Sounds like Ms. Wilson will receive a zero on her history of magic report. That’s forty percent of your grade this term.”

The music changed to Mozart’s The Magic Flute – Queen of the Night aria.

“No sir, I did my report.” Kelly stopped in front of his desk and Funeral March of a Marionette picked up again and reached a crescendo.

“Then hand it over and take your seat. You’re holding up class.”

“Well, you see –”

“Aha,” Mr. Allen leaned back and smiled. “Here it comes.”

Kelly licked her lips and tried to stay calm. The song changed to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony“The truth is, Tennison, my brother, hid my tablet as a joke, and I think Teeny ate my tablet before I loaded the report to the cloud.”

Most of the class snickered, and Joey laughed out loud, as The Marriage of Figaro once again took center stage.

Mr. Allen raised an incredulous eye. “You did your homework, but the dog ate it. That excuse doesn’t work in the norm schools. What makes you think it’ll work here?”

“It’s the truth. I can’t find my tablet. I think Teeny ate it.”

“Ms. Wilson, produce the report, the tablet, or the pet.”

Joey quit laughing. “Mr. Allen, Teeny isn’t –”

“Silence.” The vein on Mr. Allen’s temple pulsated and the students obeyed.

Kelly whistled. The music changed to Mussorgsky’s Night on the Bare Mountain.*

Joey dove for cover. The other kids didn’t know what was going on, but if Joey, the kid voted most likely to destroy the school creating a magical prank, was seeking shelter, they would follow his lead.

Mr. Allen watched in shock as the outside window shattered and a werewolf landed beside Kelly. The werewolf shook glass out of his fur and growled at the confused history professor. The music changed to Vivaldi’s Winter. “Ms. Wilson, remove this creature.”

“This is Teeny. I thought you knew. Tennison is a werewolf. We call him Teeny in this form. Last night was the first night of the full moon. He’ll become normal again in three days. I can find out what happed to my tablet then.

Mozart’s Requiem overwhelmed the room.

“I most certainly did not know.” Mr. Allen pulled out his handkerchief to dab at the sweat on his face. “Send Teeny home. Next time, a note from your parents will suffice. You have three days to discover where your report is. If you ever use the brother-ate-my-homework excuse again, you will fail my class.”

“Yes, sir.” Kelly sent Teeny away and cast a spell to repair the damaged window.

Mr. Allen gathered his strength and the music changed to Camille Saint-Saens’ Dance Macabre. “And Joey, if I find out you cast the background music spell, you will be in detention until you graduate, assuming that blessed day ever comes.”

Carl Orff’s O Fortuna weaved its Gothic notes through the room and Mr. Allen smiled. “Since the class is half over, thanks to all the interruptions, instead of the scheduled review of spells used in warfare, we’ll have a pop quiz.”

Funeral March of a Marionette filled the room once again, as the students trudged to their assigned seats in time to the music.

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If you wish to hear the songs listed in this story, click on the links in the story or head over to YouTube and select the rendition you prefer.

*The more popular Night on Bald Mountain is a shortened form of Night on the Bare Mountain.