After three weeks with my leg propped up waiting for stitches to heal, and then a bout of the flu, I finally got back on the trail. This was my first time on this trail and it was a joy… until the last mile. That last mile was stairs, stairs, and more stairs, which my knee hates, but otherwise it was a wonderful trail. Less than 5 miles, it’s listed as strenuous, but I think that’s only because of the stairs at the end.

We hiked on a Monday morning, with rain gently falling, and a beautiful mist surrounding us. Okay, the views from the top of the tower were non-existant, but that just gives us a reason to return another day.

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One thing I will say, the Balanced Rock in Hanging Rock State Park (which I did not post a photo of) is not nearly as impressive as the Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO, where I use to live. Of course, Colorado will never have the green that North Carolina has. All in all, a good day in the mountains.

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