Decided to hike the waterfalls of Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina. Since it’s ‘off season’ for most people hitting the great outdoors, I was able to take photos without people. I tend to hike the well known trails in the off season, because I don’t hike to be surrounded by people when I’m in nature. The air was a bit smoky as the forest service had recently done a controlled burn, but otherwise, very enjoyable.
Stone Mountain Falls was beautiful as ever, but I really hate the stairs. I don’t know what I was thinking. Since I hadn’t planned to do the loop, I should have parked at the lower trail head. Somehow, I forgot about the stairs and parked at the upper trail head. My mistake.


Middle Falls and Lower Falls were new to me and I enjoyed the walk through the woods. For most of the way, the trail was accompanied by a stream and the sound of running water always soothes. I walked past the end of Lower Falls walking trail and spent a little time on one of the bridle trails.

I had planned to hit Black Jack Ridge Trail also, but my knee reminded me that I had to return via those darn stairs, so I reversed my trip and returned to the upper trailhead. A return trip to Stone Mountain is required so that I can hike Black Jack Ridge. Once I do, I can mark all trails in the park as accomplished. I like to hike the same trails in different seasons, but it will be nice to say I have hiked all trails in Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina.

Widow’s Creek Falls is just off the main road and easy to walk to, but Widow’s Creek Trail joins up with the MTS (Mountain-To-Sea) Trail and is a nice hike.