After a couple of months of not much hiking, I put hiking boots to soil on a good trail this week. 

On the trail

I started the hike on a sunny, but cold, December morning with no wind and temperatures in the thirties. It wasn’t long before I peeled off layers and stuffed them in my backpack as the temp rose into the forties. I carry a backpack even on short hikes because being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts.

Trees growing on Wolf Rock

The Wolf Rock and Cedar Rock Trails make a nice loop and a lovely half day hike, with plenty of time to take in the views, check out the historic homestead, drive over to Widow Creek Falls for a little exploration, and arrive on time for lunch in a nearby town. This was my first time on these trails, and aside from a series of steps, the trails are great. (Since my knee surgery I’ve developed a dislike of stairs and must use my walking stick for balance when they are present on the trail.) Regardless of the name, there were not many rocks to step over or around, but there was a lot of smooth rock.  I started the loop from the Stone Mountain trail head, merging to Wolf Rock and then Cedar Rock. The trails meander through woods with fantastic views from both Wolf Rock and Cedar Rock, passing by the homestead on the last leg of the trip.

View from Cedar Rock

The week of Christmas is the perfect time to hike the area if the weather cooperates. Not much traffic on the trail left me with plenty of time for reflection on the year. Not surprisingly, I also found inspiration for writing.

There are other trails in Stone Mountain I’ve missed so I look forward to a return trip.