So far, so good. I’m currently ahead of the curve in word count. 8,000+ words ahead in fact. This is necessary as I will have trouble meeting the daily count for a couple of days around Thanksgiving. I’m working on Pyxis,the second book in the Finding Earth series. (The first book, Cetus Landing, was drafted in NaNoWriMo 2015 and will be published 1st Quarter 2017.)

I’m frequently asked how I keep the details of my worlds straight. I have spreadsheets, maps, and even art work.

Pyxis is the working name for this novel and I expect it might change. The world is mostly a water world. When creating my worlds, I find it helpful to create a physical representation to help me work out details I might otherwise miss, or forget. This is a simple art piece to show the northern section of a small island chain. I wanted the islands to be sheer drops into the water or ground cover. No sand on this set of islands.


This next one is a fight scene at the entrance to the underwater city. It’s dark. I was torn between showcasing the fight and the city and I got carried away with the fight scene. I did another render with better lighting for reference, but I like the view of the fight in this one.