I hike, a lot. I find hiking, even neighborhood walks, to be a wonderful way to gather inspiration for writing. It’s also a much needed stretch after beating on a keyboard for hours. I tend to hit trails with big views or a destination. As a result, Boone Fork Trail – although nearby – never caught my interest. 

Mid-week we traveled the Boone Fork Trail backwards (meaning we went through the campground first and the waterfall last). This would be my recommendation. Ending with a waterfall is much better than ending at the campground. Boone Fork Trail is a 5 mile loop, but we did a couple of off-shoots, making our trip 6.5 miles.

To me, each photo awaits a story.

Boone Fork is a shaded trail. In July, in North Carolina, shade is your friend. This trail isn’t on the ridge line offering wonderful views, but it’s a lovely hike with rhododendrons (past their prime this time of year) overhanging much of the trail. A large portion of the trail follows a creek. The sight and sound of moving water is cooling. There are many places to sit and dip your toes (and the rest of you if you so desire) in the cool stream. This is a trail that begs you to look to the sides and see what treasures are hidden there.