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Hide In Plain Sight

“Teacher’s pet.” “Know-it-all.” “Freak.”

Thou shalt not kill the fools. Mantra on permanent repeat in her head, Angie Daeva ignored her classmates and walked to her locker. Continue reading “Hide In Plain Sight”

Surprise, Stairs on the Trail

A seven-mile loop around Pilot Mountain in North Carolina ends with steps. Lots and lots of stairs, in part for erosion, but mostly to taunt older hikers who do not do stairs well.

Continue reading “Surprise, Stairs on the Trail”

Boone Fork Trail

I hike, a lot. I find hiking, even neighborhood walks, to be a wonderful way to gather inspiration for writing. It’s also a much needed stretch after beating on a keyboard for hours. I tend to hit trails with big views or a destination. As a result, Boone Fork Trail – although nearby – never caught my interest.  Continue reading “Boone Fork Trail”

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