BookCvr2Options copyEvery once in a while I have to step back and admire the view from where I currently stand.  Today is such a day.  After years of writing and keeping those words – and worlds – safely hidden, I find it somewhat surprising that I am announcing my second full length novel is available. It’s a good feeling to continue to follow this dream, and best of all, my hobby is paying for itself. Don’t get me wrong.  No other author will tremble in fear that my book will shoot past them on the charts, but a hobby that pays for itself is a wonderful thing. Besides, I would be writing anyway. It’s what I do.

Enthralled, Farseen Chronicles Book 2, is available digitally at Amazon. The paperback copy will be available November 2015.

You can also check out my Flash Fiction tab, which includes short stories set in the Farseen Chronicles world.

I’ve learned so much in the process of publishing. One of the most amusing is that the publishing standard is one space after the end of a sentence, not two. This will seem a strange statement to those of you who grew up with the one-space-rule, but to those of us who learned to type on manual typewriters, it’s a hard habit to break. I find that I have to do a search/replace before publishing to look for the two spaces. If only all writing/publishing concerns were so easy to fix.

Happy Reading!