It’s time for an update on Writing Leaves No Time For Reading.  I realized a while back I had not been reading.  Between the day job and writing and occasionally talking to my family, there just wasn’t time.  I missed it.  I truly enjoy reading and I joined the 2015 Reading Challenge. Since I love organization, my first step was to create a spreadsheet of the types of books I needed to read and identify which books I would read.  For those who don’t want to check out the web site, it’s a fifty book challenge.  You pick the books as long as they fall into the prescribed categories.

Some books were a new found joy (Dead Balance by Gary Wayne Clark), others did not live up to hype (The Wolfen by Whitney Strieber), and still others were a trip down memory lane (Hardy Boys: The Tower Treasure by Franklin W Dixon covered the book read as a child).  Overall I’ve enjoyed the ride, but some of the books were not the type I normally read and I won’t be rereading them, ever.  A couple were down right dark.  And the requirement to ‘read a book you started but didn’t finish’ is just wrong.  There’s a reason I didn’t finish the book the first time, normally it’s because it never grabbed my attention; but I have now finished Inferno by Dan Brown.

I have seven books left to complete the challenge.  I’m feeling pretty good about my chances.