Who doesn’t need a Do Over app upon occasion?  Heck, there’s an app for everything else.  It’s time for one that’s really useful.

This morning is a prime example.

  • I arrived at the hotel yesterday evening for two days of meetings in the corporate office. I unloaded and settled in for the night.
  • Woke up this morning and did the hair and makeup thing since I would be on telepresence calls throughout the day.
  • Only then did I open up the curtains and see the rain.  Not a rain, a downpour.  My hair doesn’t frizz in the rain, it goes strait.
  • My umbrella was nice and dry in the car, but there was no way to get from the hotel to the car without walking in the rain.
  • I ran to the car (thank goodness I packed boots) with my coat over my head, while trying to protect my purse/laptop from the water.  Yes, everything was inside a case but still I worry.  It was a heavy rain.
  • I parked, grab my umbrella and my work stuff and walk toward the building.  Rain is so much more tolerable with an umbrella.
  • I try to open the door to the facility and it didn’t work.  I’m too early.  It’s not yet 7 AM.  I’m standing there looking at the offending door when I see the panel and realize I can use my badge to unlock the door.  I make use of my badge and resist the urge to V-8 my forehead.
  • I get to the hoteling workstation (a place to park my stuff while in an office I don’t normally work in) and check out the phone, laptop connectivity, chair and desk.  Yep, everything works and things are looking up.
  • I reach for my water mug and realize I left my water and my fruit back in the hotel in the fridge.  So it’s down to the break room where I pay $1.35 for a bottle of water that I can refill for the rest of the day.  Instead of healthy fruit for lunch, I made use of the cafe in the building and had a cheeseburger… with fries.  So much for eating healthy in 2015It’s time for someone to invent a do over app.