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Save and Backup – Two Functions Every Writer Should Use

Your computer – be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone – is a wonderful device, full of shortcuts for the aspiring writer. Continue reading “Save and Backup – Two Functions Every Writer Should Use”

Haiku for Lost Photos

I’ve written about the 10,000 plus photos I lost when an app and two backup drives crashed at the same time. I’ve recovered some from various places, but still I feel the loss when a subject comes up and I realize I no longer have that pic. This evening I wrote a Haiku to my lost photos. Enjoy.

3 Backups Are Not Enough

I know what you’re thinking. Continue reading “3 Backups Are Not Enough”

Photos and High Sierra

Today I will depart from my normal hiking and writing posts. Today I want to rant (you’ve been warned) about digital photos. Continue reading “Photos and High Sierra”

Ode to a Printer

Alas, my printer died. The result is I had to purchase a new printer. After researching, I went with a printer that is suppose to use lesst better ink for printing books and such but only good photo quality. I have discovered that I really don’t print photos and saving money on ink will be a nice change.

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