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Back On the Trail

After a hectic month I finally got back out on a trail.

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Surprise, Stairs on the Trail

A seven-mile loop around Pilot Mountain in North Carolina ends with steps. Lots and lots of stairs, in part for erosion, but mostly to taunt older hikers who do not do stairs well.

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When Hiking, Don’t Forget Local

While visiting a cousin in Tennessee, we took a two-mile hike in a regional park in her hometown. No long drive or planning required. Just a bottle of water and a trail.

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Sunrise and Deer

Lately, I’ve been hiking at sunrise. Why? Because I’m in the southeastern United States where it’s hot and humid.

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Ode to a Camera

My Canon EOS Rebel T3 has served me well for many years. Among it’s many accomplishments, it recorded a breathtaking trip through the Canadian Rockies and a dream trip to Scotland. It has also recorded many gatherings of friends and family, as well as a host of other trips. Perhaps it’s proudest accomplishment has been recording the many hikes my daughter and I have taken over the past year. Many of these photos have been used to stir my imagination when writing. Continue reading “Ode to a Camera”

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