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Flash Fiction

Stories (1,000 words or less) written by N. R. Tucker. Some are set in the worlds of the various book series. Plot spoilers will be identified.

Death at a Picnic

Allen peeked over the hedge and surveyed the picnickers. Continue reading “Death at a Picnic”

Blessings Upon You

Delia left class and trudged home. Continue reading “Blessings Upon You”

Lover’s Poison

Even though the clouds hid the sun, he knew sundown was soon. Continue reading “Lover’s Poison”

The Change

Dylan reached over and slapped the alarm clock. Continue reading “The Change”

Solitude from Ashes

(Spoiler Alert. This Farseen Chronicles flash fiction takes place during the time frame of the first half of Revealed, Farseen Chronicles Book 4.)

Continue reading “Solitude from Ashes”

The Companion

“You excited?” Continue reading “The Companion”

The Hobman

The knock at the door surprised me. Continue reading “The Hobman”

Sacrifice the Knight

Sargent Patterson digitally documented the scene. Continue reading “Sacrifice the Knight”


Valla trudged through the forest. Continue reading “Banshee”

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