The second book in the Finding Earth series, The Maiden Voyage of the Okar Lane, is available to purchase in both paperback and e-reader. This series is unique in that each book takes place on a different world so reading order doesn’t matter.

Book Synopsis:

Cal is happiest when left alone.  He wants to get away from everyone and see the water world his transport ship settled. As a crewman on the maiden voyage of the research vessel Okar Lane, Cal expects to do just that while searching their new world for needed resources. A storm tosses the ship off course, and he is thrown into a role he didn’t volunteer for. One he never expected to have.

When the battered Okar Lane lands at a beach on the one island the crew was forbidden to approach, Cal realizes that survival hinges on breaking many of the regulations the ruling council imposed for the research team. No longer concerned with breaking council law, Cal focuses on getting the crew back home, only to find there are obstacles the council didn’t prepare him for, especially once he discovers the secrets hidden beneath the surface of the water.

Can Cal navigate the rough seas of this new world, or will he start a war the humans can’t win?

Series Synopsis:

Earth resources are depleted. To save humanity, world leaders build twenty-five transport spaceships. With 5,000 passengers and crew, each vessel travels toward separate coordinates, where they search for a healthy planet to populate.

N. R. Tucker’s complete book list and reading order.