DriftersRisingFullCvr20170412words thumbnailDrifters Rising, Finding Earth series book 1, is available to PURCHASE.

The crew of the population ship Cetus find a pristine world, where food and water are plentiful. Determined to treat Cetus better than Old Earth, they live off the land and barter, hiring runners to transport goods between the five settlements. When a percentage of the population drifts from the genetic norm, technicians and drifters search for answers. When one of their own goes missing, the drifters search for her, only to discover there’s still a lot to learn about their planet.

Join Zain, and his fellow drifters, as they search for answers about their new abilities and their planet.

Flash fiction, set in this world and organized in chronological order, is AVAILABLE HERE on my website to read for free. Other information (character list and maps) in the FINDING EARTH series is also available.

Welcome to a new world of my mind.