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My Guardian Angel Drinks

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Hiking Dr Seuss Style

Decided to try my hand at a poem in the style of Dr. Seuss. The photo is from a trip to Scotland.

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Valiant The Bold

A song of the Farseen Chronicles. There are no plot spoilers in this story.

Valiant, Tempe’s brother, has been dead a long time. This is a song sung by the fae bards of a dragon made sword he received around the age of twenty. Dragons have the strongest magic of all creatures in the Farseen and anything they make shares at least some of that magic.

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Better An Angry Gorkong than a Sleeping Werewolf

In the Farseen Chronicles series, the fae bards sing songs of deeds, both heroic and foolish. This is one such song and contains no spoilers. It is the story of Tempest’s first kill, when she was around ten years old. When she was a child the world was a very dangerous place and everyone learned how to defend themselves early… or they died.

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